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The Raspberry Pi Foundation

is a UK-based charity with the mission to enable young people to realise their full potential through the power of computing and digital technologies.

Our vision is that every young person develops:

  • The knowledge, skills, and confidence to use computers and digital technologies effectively in their work, community, and personal life; to solve problems and to express themselves creatively
  • Sufficient understanding of societal and ethical issues to be able to critically evaluate digital technologies and their application, and to design and use technology for good
  • The mindsets that enable them to confidently engage with technological change and to continue learning about new and emerging technologies

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Getting started with Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

Raspberry Pi 4 is a low cost single-board computer which has powerful Broadcom CPU and choice of RAM. With the Pi 4 you can build a low-cost PC, smart home devices, a game emulation machine, stream 4K videos and an even faster networking at the comfort of your own home with a low cost. It's a powerful platform for building your own hardware a …

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Raspberry Pi projects

You can create Raspberry Pi projects for your home uses. Build your own PC, media center, retro-gaming console, ad-blocker, NAS, smart mirror, etc.

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Learn how to code with Raspberry Pi

The projects include step-by-step instructions to support coding for kids, teenagers and young adults of all ages and skill levels. Plus they’re available in up to 30 languages and take less than an hour to complete.

Learn with Scratch, make websites and code in Python.


How to install apps on Raspberry Pi OS

How to install an application on Raspberry Pi?
The first way to install an app is to use the “Add / Remove Software” tool in the main menu. It’s a catalog for the Raspberry Pi OS system, to install new applications in a few clicks.

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Getting started with Raspberry Pi Pico

In this project, you will connect a Raspberry Pi Pico to another computer and learn how to program it using MicroPython.

A Raspberry Pi Pico is a low-cost microcontroller device. Microcontrollers are tiny computers, but they tend to lack large volume storage and peripheral devices that you can plug in (for example, keyboards or monitors).

A Raspberry Pi Pico has GPIO pins, much like a Raspberry Pi computer, which means it can be used to control and receive input from a variety of electronic devices.

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