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What is NAS?

I know it seems like a bloody obvious question to many of you, but all to often people find themselves in a position that they are required to buy one, without really know what a NAS actually is. There is no shame in not knowing about NAS (Network Attached Storage) …

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Best 2-Bay NAS Drive

Choosing the Best 2-Bay NAS Drive

When you are looking for a new data storage solution, chances are that in terms of cost vs storage, a 2 drive solution is pretty much a solid choice – especially for beginners. If you can overcome the initial downfall of losing 50% of your storage space (RAID 1 over two hard drives), you can get some genuinely incredible 2 bay solutions...

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Best 4-Bay NAS to Buy in 2022

Most users who have been considering purchasing a brand new NAS Drive will often find a 4 drive (also known as a 4-Bay) desktop system to be the easiest and most capable entry point into this kind of technology. If you are trying to storage a decent sized amount of data over 10-12TB, you will all too often find that a 4-Bay NAS gives you the best middle ground between the price of your storage, the scalability in the lifespan of the system and the general hardware level of the NAS solution itself. It provides a great deal of storage/drive-failure-safety in its RAID 5/6 vs that of a 2-Bay and its RAID 0/1, whilst also allowing you to multiple the performance and throughout of the NAS thanks to the larger number of HDD/SSDs on offer.

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NAS RAID calculator

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