Hot vs Cold Wallets: How to Self-Custody Your Crypto Right
How and where to store your crypto has become the biggest narrative the last quarter of the year, as centralized crypto custodians we trusted with our money collapse like a game of dominoes, and even industry leaders like Binance seem to reel from orchestrated FUD despite their Proof-of-Reserves initiative. With the collapse of the centralized exchange FTX and broader contagion …
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Fear The (e)Xchanges: FTX Collapse Proves Cold Storage is a Necessity, Not a Luxury
Crypto has once again experienced a major crisis, on a scale that dwarfs even the biggest scandals in existence, the Mt. Gox hack in 2014 and the Luna Terra collapse earlier in 2022. The spectacular implosion and subsequent “hack” of leading crypto exchange FTX, thought by many to be the most well-regulated exchange in the world, can arguably be considered to be the crypto indu …
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What Are Web3 Cryptos?

Dec 16th 2022

What Are Web3 Cryptos?
Within the world of Web3, there are many projects that simply use the blockchain to put a spin on some old Web2 application. While the services these Web3 DApps provide may not be core to the decentralized internet, they helpfully add monetization to some long-standing ideas from the old web. Such is the case, for example, with STEPN, a so-called move-to-earn DApp that aside fr …
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What is a Crypto Wallet? & Which is the best Crypto Wallet?
What is a Crypto Wallet? & Which is the best Crypto Wallet?A Crypto wallet helps you protect your private keys from the dangers and risks of the internet, just like a traditional wallet prevents loss and theft in the real world. You can use the hardware wallet to store, send, receive or spend your cryptocurrency. There are two types of crypto wallets: hot and cold. In this …
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