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Introducing SecuX’s Steel Crypto Wallet: The ‘X-Seed’

Introducing SecuX’s Steel Crypto Wallet: The ‘X-Seed’

Steel crypto wallets. They’re the most secure, durable, and damage-resistant storage option for your wallet seed phrases.

One of cryptocurrency’s greatest advantages is that users are directly in control over their money by using hardware or software wallets. However, this also presents certain risks.

Since users are the only ones who know their secret backup seed phrases, how do they store this information safely?

For example, what if you wrote down your seed phrase on paper? It could easily get lost, burn up in a fire, or become unreadable if you accidentally spill your drink. If this happens, you could lose permanent access to your wallet, and your funds would never be recovered.

Our steel crypto wallets revolutionize seed phrase security.

They’re the most secure, durable, and damage-resistant storage option for your wallet seed phrases.

Advantages of Steel Crypto Wallets

Increased Security

Steel crypto wallets exist entirely offline.

As you may know, this means they’re impossible to hack by online means.

However, they’re also safe from hardware or software failure, and you never have to trust a third-party.

We’ve created the most damage-resistant wallet for cryptocurrency seed phrases.


Most steel wallets are built to withstand fire, corrosion, water damage, and physical stress!

Unlike cryptocurrency hardware wallets, there are no plastic components in our steel crypto wallet, which can break. The X-Seed also contains no electronic components that are at risk of a technical malfunction.


It’s absolute that we’ll all need to pass on our assets to loved ones one day. However, those unsavvy to some modern technologies may find it difficult to retrieve your seed phrase.

Steel crypto wallets offer a simple way to transfer your keys to a loved one, or to leave it to an heir in the case of your death.

It’s one of the most secure ways to hand down your coins in the event of your passing.


Did you know that steel crypto wallets are often no bigger than a credit card?

You can inconspicuously carry yours with you wherever you go – just make sure to keep a close eye on it.


Stainless steel is known to be durable and timeless.

If you’re looking for a storage solution that reflects the value of your investment, then steel wallets fit the bill.


Steel crypto wallets are absolutely universal and contain no software-related risk.

They’re compatible with any type of software or hardware wallet because they only record your unique seed phrase and no other information.

Disadvantages of Steel Crypto Wallets

Potential for loss or theft

Steel wallets are incredibly secure against hackers or physical damage. However, they can’t protect you against loss or theft.

Since there is no third-party custodian to help store your wallet, you’re completely responsible for keeping it safe!

Please remember to store your steel wallet in a secret location that cannot be accessed by anyone besides people you trust.

The X-Seed: Steel Wallet Specifications

SecuX offers users three different solutions for storing their crypto seed phrases securely offline.

All three models are incredibly durable, easy to use, and give confidence to beginners or crypto enthusiasts alike!

The X-Seed

X-Seed is the best place to get started if you’re looking for a damage-resistant crypto wallet!

You can store multiple backup sets on industrial-grade aluminum sheets that won’t be damaged by fire or water. Simply engrave your backup phrase with the included tool and put your mind at ease.

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