How to build a GPU mining rig

“Mining rig" is generally a customized PC which has all the common elements of a PC but you need to connect multiple graphics cards to a motherboard, which means you also need a mining motherboard to handle a lot of GPUs. The most important aspects to consider when building a mining rig are power consumption and efficiency of the mining process, the block reward, hardware prices and the value of the currency.


What to consider when building a mining rig? 

Hash rate - Hash rate refers to the total number of calculations that the mining hardware can handle every second when the mining process is on. You need to consider the currency’s value and block reward against the difficulty of the hash. Check out a Mining Calculator on and determine which Crypto currency you should start mining

Energy consumption – GPU mining consumes huge amounts of power. You should consider which graphic cards are the most efficient ones for Crypto mining and meet your expected ROI. 

Cryptocurrency to mine - The hashing algorithm of the crypto, block reward, difficulty of the hash, and pricing will influence your choices in building a rig.

Hardware prices - The cost to put up the rig should be proportional to the expected profits. Check the market for cost-effective tools that give you performance and yet are not too expensive.



One of the best mining motherboard is Biostar TB360-BTC PRO 2.0 Mining Expert is a beast of a motherboard, capable of having 12 graphics cards connected to it. TB360-BTC PRO / PRO 2.0 has 12 x PCI-E 3.0 slots that allow for USB riser cables to be plugged directly into it, and the PCI-E slots can prevent overcurrent and short-circuit damage making mining more smoothly. It also supports two power supplies in the same time and no need to set up jumpers.


Intel Pentium Gold G5600FThere's no need for overspending on a CPU for a mining rig. This 2-Core CPU is enough for this setup and works great with the motherboard chosen above.



Crucial Desktop Memory 8GB DDR4. You don’t have to overspend on RAM either, as it doesn’t affect hashrate. The motherboard supports DDR4 2666, and this Crucial Desktop Memory 8GB DDR4 2666 MHz CL19 CT8G4DFRA266 fits enough.

PCI-e Riser 

These risers allow you to connect your GPUs to the motherboard. You need one of these for every card you connect.


Graphics card 

GPUs are the most crucial part of the whole mining rig setup. You will need a bunch of graphics cards which are the main component. We recommended the NVIDIA RTX A2000, 3060 Ti, 3070, 3080, AMD VII, etc. (could be LHR models) These GPUs could have ROI less than 250 days if you’re mining dual coins ETH+TON.

Rig Frame 

You’re going to need a frame for your rig. If you want something that can hold more GPUs, we recommended the 12 GPU mining frame.


Power supply 

Your graphics card will draw the most power. If you have more cards in the rig the desired power could be 1500-1600W.This would give you plenty of room for your rig without risking any overload. In that case, we recommend you have a look at Thermaltake Tough power TF1 1550W 80+ Titanium power supply. The RTX 3060ti consumes 140w for mining ETH. If you install 10 cards, the power consumption would be 1400w and the rest will be used for motherboard, CPU, SSD and RAM.


How to Build a Mining Rig 

After you’ve successfully gathered all the components needed, you will have to start assembling the rig. It may seem like a daunting task initially, but it’s like building a Lego set if you follow the instructions accurately. 

Step 1) Setting up your rig frame, Attach the Motherboard, processor, RAM. 

Step 2) Install the PSU-Connect the motherboard to the PSU using the 24-pin connector. 

Step 3) Fixing Motherboard to frame and secure it into place using screws. 

Step 4) Attaching USB risers to PCI-e x1 ports and connect all your PCIe cables to the GPUs. 

Step 5) Plug the PCI-e 6+2 power connectors into your GPUs. 

Step 6) Install Windows 10 and graphic card’s driver. Step 

Step 7) Download Mining Software such as, Nicehash, NB miner, T-rex miner, Gminer, lolminer, etc. 

Step 8) Download and install overclocking software. Download the MSI Afterburner to overclock or underclock the GPUs.

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